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Another winning weekend for Terrace River Kings

Two more wins on home ice added to undefeated streak
The Terrace River Kings won 8-4 against the Hazelton Wolverines on Nov. 9. (Natalia Balcerzak/Terrace Standard)

The Terrace River Kings remain undefeated this season as they claim two more home wins this past weekend.

Winning 9-2 against the Kitimat Ice Demons on Nov. 8 and then 8-4 facing the Hazelton Wolverines on Nov. 9, the River Kings are feeling celebratory as they move forward in the league.

“With Kitimat, we came out really strong and got five great goals and then Hazleton actually put up a real good fight,” says Terrace River Kings’ general manager Ross Smith.

Playing the Ice Demons revealed to be an easy game from the start when the River Kings scored five goals in the first period as Kitimat only managed one, bringing it to 5-1.

Terrace continued to show their strength in the second period with their sixth goal at the start of the clock while their opponent slipped another one shot into their net.

Period three proved to be a victorious finale with the River Kings scoring another three goals that brought them to crowned champions of the night with 9-2.

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The next day brought more competition into town as the Hazelton Wolverines clawed their way onto the ice.

But they didn’t scare the River Kings as they catapulted four goals in the first period and the Wolverines scrambled to make a mark with another shot.

The River Kings scored two more goals halfway through the second period but that didn’t make the Wolverines happy. They showed some teeth and scored two goals within a minute of each other, bringing the tally to 6-3.

The third period made the River Kings think twice about their competitor when the Wolverines scored their fourth shot of the game less than a minute into their final play. But their bite wasn’t bigger than their bark and Terrace skated hard with two more shots that concluded them to a winning overall score of 8-4.

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Smith says the team is feeling super strong and confident winning each game of the season so far but they don’t want to get too far ahead of themselves just yet.

“Our next game coming up is going to be a good challenge… they’re all excited, we’re still undefeated,” says Smith. “As long as we don’t get too cocky, we should be okay.”

The Terrace River Kings’ next game is against the Smithers Steelheads on Saturday, Nov. 16 in Smithers.

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