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BACKGROUND: Two medical clinics are opening in what a senior healthcare official calls a wholesale shift in how medicine is to be practiced here. A recruiter is also scouring the country with expectations of securing more doctors to relocate.

“June is D-Day when the delivery of medicine in Terrace is to change,” said Northern Health Authority northwest medical director Jaco Fourie, referring to the June 1 opening by Dr. Mariette de Bruin of the Spruce Medical Centre on the 4600 Block of Lazelle Ave., beside the Service Canada office.

Renovations have already begun inside the clinic space.

That’s to be followed in late summer when Dr. Herman Greef opens the H.G. Health Centre in the Lazelle Ave. building now housing Terrace Interiors but which will become vacant next month when that business closes.

Each clinic is busy finding doctors to work in the clinics with commitments already made and more doctors expected to sign on in the next months with the goal of each having as many as five or more full-time equivalent physicians on staff, said Fourie.

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