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Sparwood seniors pose as firefighters in fundraising calendar

Funds raised will go towards the supported living facility

Some handsome gentlemen from Lilac Terrace in Sparwood have had a part in creating a firefighter calendar of their own.

Seven residents of the supported living complex played firefighter, dressing up and posing with fire and rescue equipment for a calendar intended to help raise money for their home.

“This was quite an adventure,” said Lilac Terrace Administrator, Michelle Malan.

“It took a little bit of encouragement to get the boys in the mood to do this to start off with, but once they were there and they were suited up, it was unbelievable. It was like I had little boys here playing dress-up.”

Malan explained that they needed to raise funds for a new walk-in freezer at the residence, and while they’d received some grants, they had a way to go yet to make up the difference.

Enter: a firefighter calendar with a Lilac Terrace twist.

For $20 you can have a glorious Lilac Terrace pin-up 2022 firefighter calendar of your own. You can buy them in person at Lilac Terrace - just ask for Michelle. Funds will go towards helping pay for the new freezer.

The photos were taken by local photographer Kim Pryhitko, and the cost of printing them at Rocky Mountain Printers in Cranbrook was covered by a generous donation from the Sparwood Legion.

Malan said that Sparwood Fire and Rescue had been amazing in helping out.

“The fire department are an amazing group of people. When we did the photo shoots they went out of their way with the residents- wanting to help, supporting them, helping them get dressed up - they were great.”

Malan said there was a lot of fun had all around - especially for the residents.

“They were just great, and afterwards they told me this was a dream that some of them had when they were a little boy - to be a fireman. Just to play that role for an hour or two while we took pictures, it was wonderful.

“Now the ladies here are wondering what we’ll be doing for them next year - but I already have some ideas.”

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