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PHOTOS: Northern Lights display over the Okanagan

The Aurora Borealis graced the sky with a pink and green light show

The Northern Lights danced over Lake Country on Sunday (Feb. 26), and some lucky residents were able to catch the display.

At approximately 10:30 p.m. the green and pink Aurora Borealis lit up the night sky, said Kevin Blakely, Lake Country resident.

The Northern Lights are most likely to be seen from October to March, on days of high solar activity.

The conditions that cause the Borealis peak close to the spring and fall equinox, so Okanagan residents who missed the display still have time to see the equinox before the skies settle down for the summer.

To check on the Aurora Borealis forecast for your region, visit

The geomagnetic field is predicted to be active until March 2, so keep your eyes glued to the sky over the next few nights.


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