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Discover Terrace, BC

Enjoy year-round recreational fun for the whole family

Pioneers first cleared the land for farms and orchards in the early 1900s, taking advantage of the moderate climate that bridges the warm coastal areas with the colder inland communities. This provides an abundant growing season, colourful falls and spectacular skiing in the winter – a climate that can be enjoyed year round.

Terrace is the service, educational, medical and transportation hub of Northwest BC.

Located at the intersection of Highways 16 and 37, Terrace has modern retail businesses, restaurants, a thriving arts community and has the largest farmers’ market in Northern BC.

Several First Nation communities are in the area: the Kitsumkalum and Kitselas near Terrace, Haisla near Kitimat and the Nisga’a to the North. The other culture offered in the area includes Terrace Art Gallery, Terrace Public Library, Terrace Little Theatre, REM Lee Theatre and Heritage Park Museum.

The museum hosts such interesting history, including some original structures! George Bryson Cobb built the Kalum Lake Hotel on the south end of Kalum Lake to serve as a travellers’ hotel. Typically, guests were drawn from the many miners and prospectors moving up and down the valley. Amenities were basic: coal oil lamps lit the rooms and the toilet was outdoors.

Dix’s Dance Hall was built as a dance pavilion, often used for Saturday night dances in the late 1920s and 1930s. Typically, local musicians would play the dance tunes of the era but on occasion, recorded music was offered using a wind-up Gramophone. The hall was a popular venue: it was not uncommon for dance-goers to arrive from Terrace on the back of a flatbed truck, after a long and dusty ride.

People relied on each other for entertainment in “the old days” and in the process, developed a strong sense of community. The hall was constructed by Everett and Ethel Dix and their daughter Vivian, popularly known by her nickname “Dixie.” Learn more in this handy Guide.


• Terrace boasts year-round recreational opportunities for the whole family to enjoy. The city is literally surrounded by tall mountains, peaks, rivers, lakes and creeks. The lifestyle includes skiing, hiking, fishing, hunting, boating, biking and so much more.

• Two rivers, two lakes and mountains everywhere – so let’s take advantage! There’s fly, lure, ocean and salmon world class fishing, swimming at Lakelse and Kalum Lakes. Biking includes hardcore (a great network of mountain bike trails) or go off with your kids.

• Discover groomed and lit cross country ski trails. Maybe you’d rather snowmobile – backcountry is only 30 minutes from town. Or go hiking!

• More?! For dining, there’s sushi, West Coast fusion, Korean, mobile vendors, East Indian, Chinese, Terrace-grown foods, coffee shops and farmers’ markets to please any palate.


In Terrace, the summers are comfortable while winters are freezing, wet and overcast.

Destination BC is developing a new campaign to promote hyper-local travel where residents are “tourists-in-their own hometown,” while practising the COVID-19 safety protocols as recommended by the B.C. Provincial Health Officer. Many B.C. parks are now open, and national parks were to open as of June 1.

(Check this website for current details on travel.)

Getting Here

Driving: Travel time from Vancouver to Terrace is just over 15 hours minutes via BC-16 W. The distance is 1,351.2 km (521 mi).