Here is Tiana Devost holding the essay she wrote on why Shames Mountain matters to her.

Here is Tiana Devost holding the essay she wrote on why Shames Mountain matters to her.

The Glistening White Mountain

A local student's essay on the what makes Shames Mountain Ski Hill important.

I was at the top of the hill watching the glistening, white snow fall on my face. ZOOM! I’m off, down the hill I go, avoiding obstacles, flying down the hill, racing to the bottom. Let me tell you more about the thrill of Shames Mountain.

Shames Mountain is an amazing place to be with your family. You can go skiing and snowboarding, have snowball fights and just talk. It’s an excellent way to increase family communication because with all the technology in the world today, kids and parents don’t talk very much. At Shames there’s a lodge where you can eat, take a break, sit by the heater when you’re cold, and have a hot chocolate with your family.

Shames Mountain is a nice place to have because there are not a lot of activities to do in the winter in our region. You can’t go to the park, it’s very cold to go swimming and often it’s difficult to play outdoor sports because its too icy and there’s usually a lot of snow.

The only things you can do in the winter that aren’t at your house are skating, playing in the snow and going skiing and snowboarding. Shames Mountain is an awesome place where you can meet new people, see old friends and be outside, which is great for your health. Skiing and snowboarding can keep you fit and active.

Shames Mountain is important to our community and region because being a small town we don’t have many things to do. There are lots of skiers and snowboarders that come to Shames Mountain from different regions because this beautiful Shames Mountain has many different hills; some hard, some easy, some rough, some soft or if you’re a beginner there’s the bunny hill. People come to Shames Mountain because of the beautiful scenery and the various types of runs.

In conclusion,  I think Shames Mountain will be a wonderful place to have for our Northern area in the future, because it’s a facility that can provide something that’s good for individuals, families and the whole community.

Tiana Devost, 12, is a student at Ecole Jack Cook. She wrote this essay as a part of a the Tri-City Mountain Challenge – a community short essay competition.

Students from Terrace, Kitimat and Prince Rupert were asked to submit essays on what made Shames Mountain important to them, their families and the region.

Taking first place in the contest Devost was also awarded five days of skiing on Shames Mountain.