Terrace peewees dominate at home tournament

The Peewee Minor Hockey team from Terrace B.C. dominated the Cliff Sharples Memorial Tournament, but bigger competition lies ahead.

The Terrace Peewee Minor Hockey team totally dominated at a recent tournament here in Terrace, but coach Brad Andersen says they have bigger competition ahead.

In a total of five games last weekend, Oct. 21-23, Terrace peewees scored 56 goals and let in only eight goals.

The total domination has the team elated, but coach Anderson says he doesn’t want them flying too high, because then they might crash when they lose in the future.

“When we go play tier two, we are probably going to lose some games… I don’t want [the team] to get so high right now that they won’t be able to accept losing,” he said.

But the team did conquer very solidly last weekend, and both Andersen and team manager Blaine Kluss expressed pride in the team.

Kluss said Terrace’s total domination this weekend, and this season so far, is a combination of factors.

They have weaker competition in the northern peewee division this year, said both Kluss and Andersen, but they also have a strong, well balanced team.

“We score goals… LOTS of goals,” said Kluss.

“We are a really, what I call, high octane offence. Lots of attack.

He added that, as a whole, the team has a lot of depth, with fast, strong players.

“We’re a very good skating team,” he said. “We run three good attacking lines, and it’s supported by what I consider a pretty mobile defence. They skate well.”


For more details about the peewees’ season, pick up a copy of The Terrace Standard or stay posted online next week.