Students dive into new sport

Terrace students had the chance to experience a sport long gone in Terrace.

Terrace students had the chance to experience a sport long gone in Terrace, as Caledonia Senior Secondary school’s recreation class learned to play water polo.

Recreation teacher Ben Mattheis teamed up with former water polo club member Steve Dotto to teach the students both theory and practical aspects of the sport.

Two classes this semester and two classes last semester were able to take part in the lessons.

After learning some theory from Dotto himself, Mattheis prepped the students on water polo theory before they hit the pool for drills and eventually games.

Dotto is well practiced in the sport of water polo, having played for 27 years. He was also a  three-time national champion with Team BC’s juniors.

“I think they (the students) enjoyed it,” said Dotto, whose strategy was to build one skill upon another, eventually building up students to the point where they could play a game.

And he said he saw some talent in the making.

“It’s too bad we didn’t have an active club, because I think that if we did some of those kids definitely had some potential,” he said.

Water polo is just one of many sports students get a chance to learn about through Cal’s recreation class.

Before the end of this school year, students will also take part in rock climbing, hiking, dragon boating and horseback riding.

“The idea of the course is to get kids exposed to new things in the community,” Mattheis said, noting the community of Terrace bends over backwards to help, be it by offering sporting opportunities during school hours, or discounting costs to students.