Sports injury workshop to be held in Terrace

A sports injury workshop comes to Terrace this Thursday

As children become more serious about sports at a younger age, the likelihood that they will sustain a sports injury increases.

But there’s a workshop coming to Terrace the evening of Feb. 21 aiming to teach parents, coaches, administrators and officials what they can do to prevent sports injuries, how to recognize them, and whether or not the young athletes they know have ever sustained a sports-related injury.

Sportsmart is a 90-minute workshop aims to keep more children out of the emergency room – sports related injuries among youth account for close to 20 per cent of all hospital emergency room visits among children in Canada.

And it is estimated that up to 50 per cent of sports injuries are preventable and that parents and coaches hold the keys to some of the most effective sports injury prevention strategies, according to material provided by Sportsmart.

“This workshop has been getting hundreds of people attending in southern B.C., mainly due to the alarming increase in sports injuries in the youth over the past few years,” said Carmen Didier, the City of Terrace’s director of leisure services.

The city, SportMed BC, and Pacific Sport Northern BC are providing the workshop, which does require registration.