Trade deal one big sinkhole

Carbon credit scheme could result in loss of employment

Dear Sir:

That was a nice article I read in the Sun recently, talking about the carbon trade made with the Great Bear Rainforest.

We live up here in the forest but there are no great bears here.

Oh, we have Kermodei bear, and black bear, some cinnamon, a few glacier bear, and the odd griz, but none of them are considered great.

Mostly they are common bears of different colour. We think of them mostly as nuisance bears, not very great.

We now have to not log our forests so that they may be carbon sinks for the polluters in the rest of B.C.

Do any of your staff, from the owner on down, understand just what the “ carbon trade” is?

It allows a polluter to buy credits from someone who has credits (us up here) so they can keep on polluting.

We are now expected to not log but to lay off good workers and shut down our industries.

But that mill in Howe Sound down on the lower mainland still pollutes as it did last week.

The barkers in the carnivals understand all this.

It’s a shell game, and you people have bought it without even removing the sinker.

This reduces carbon footprint only on the shuffling of paper.

How can the carbon sinks 500 miles away reduce carbon emissions at the place of origin?

No one cares to understand that a young, properly replanted, properly tended and vigorously growing logging slash will soak up more carbon than will an overmature stand of trees.

As I understand it, this misunderstood piece of junk I read, indicates some polluter must pay someone else that does not pollute.

And the ones not polluting are up here.

Then make out the cheque (a big one) to the Kitimat-Stikine regional district.

Les Watmough,

Thornhill, BC



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