Thank-you Bob Erb

Local Terrace lottery winner gets praise for philanthropy

Nora Thompson

Rosswood, B.C.

Dear Sir:

This is a letter to thank my friend Bob Erb for all he has done for the community hall in Rosswood.

He had the electrical system upgraded which cost $20,000, had shelves built in the basement, bought a popcorn machine for fundraising and had a beautiful counter built so that we have somewhere permanent to put our coffee machine, and extra storage and sound system.

Thank you also to the crew that he hired to get these upgrades done to our hall in time for our annual Christmas party – electrician Shane Palahicky, carpenter Dillon Quinn and Gary.

I have heard it said that winning a lot of money can change a person. It hasn’t changed Bob. It made him more of what he has always been. A kind and giving man who had many visions of what he would do and who he would help if only he had the money to do it.

Now he has the money and he is helping people and organizations all across Canada, myself included.

Bob’s generosity has inspired generosity in others and has made Terrace and Rosswood a better place to live.

Thank you, Bob. You’re a good man.