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Terrace Standard will lose readership

‘Freedom of the press’ does not include freedom to suppress viewpoints
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To the editor and publisher,

Some citizens in this community support the proposed in-land port, andsome do not. Is it the policy of the Terrace Standard - is it the policy of Black Press - to only publish letters to the editor that represent the publisher’s position on any given local issue?

Do you adhere to a narrow definition interpreting ‘freedom of the press’ to means that the publisher has the freedom to suppress views on important local political issues with which the publisher does not agree?

It is fair and just that the Terrace Standard take an editorial position on local issue, but if you allow the perception to grow that the Terrace Standard will use its editorial authority to suppress views it does not agree with, you will eventually be losing readership, and with readership drifting away from the paper, it is only a question of time before advertisers will follow.

André Carrel

Terrace, B.C.