Store’s Santa poster found offensive

Poster displayed in a store window in Terrace, B.C.

An open letter to:

Mayor and Council,

City of Terrace,

Dear Mayor and Council:

Recently my family and I were able to visit extended family in Terrace. We were delighted to connect with friends and be shown around the city and visit some of their favorite places.

As you can imagine, I found it shockingly intriguing to learn that pornography is allowed in such a lovely place.

Most disturbing, though, is that it is found on the way to the swimming pool.

Children who pass the Deviant Fibres store have an eye-level view of the full exposure of a man.

If a man were to expose himself like the picture on the window, he would be arrested.

Why, then, is this portrayal allowed in your city? Especially where children can view it?

The time it takes for an image to imprint on a child’s mind is less than a second (0.78 approximately).

Is this what you want for your children? Neither do I want it for mine.

Twyla Thompson,

Vanderhoof, B.C.