Searching for the fence couple

Resident looks for good Samaritans who brought justice to young vandals

Dear Sir:

Recently I had the misfortune of being the owner of a house that had his fence kicked down by three young teenagers.

A couple who saw the incident rounded up the three young boys and made them come over to the house to admit to such and apologize. With the surprise of such action I did not get the name(s) of the couple.

By agreement to compensate me for the action, it was agreed that the boys would come over and rake, gather and bag the leaves for me that were down. So it was agreed that this would happen on Thanksgiving Monday.

The three boys did as agreed upon, as well as one of the mothers who did all the ordering around and kept them at it and as well did a lot of the work as well.

I want to thank the foursome for the splendid job well done.

The boys (jokingly) said that they would back next October to help rake up the leaves again, and I said that next time they did not have bother with kicking the fence down.

It ended up being eight full of those compost bags. I then asked the boys if they knew the couple that caught them and had them come over and make the apology, and they all said that they cannot recall ever having seen them before.

Due to time and convenience the fence was repaired the next morning by my son, thanks, with the assistance of myself.

So I am asking if anyone knowing of the couple to have them give me a phone call so that I can thank them for their actions personally.

Please call me at 250-638-8587 and ask for Claude.

Claude Chepil,

Terrace, BC