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Regional district needs pay-per-use waste collection

Letter writer takes on regional district waste collection fees
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To the editor,

I am a resident of Jackpine flats. In the last six months the cost of curbside garbage collection has increased to $137.50 for a period of six months, that equals $275.00 per year. If the full amount is not paid in the specified time the additional amount outstanding is added to that year property tax bill with interest. I am having a hard time getting by, as I am a senior living on an unindexed, fixed income.

I am the only resident of this property and simply do not generate the allotted quantity of garbage set out as a maximum by the regional municipality. I produce one bag (standard black garbage bag) every three-to-four weeks. The recycle pickup is every two weeks, with garbage pickup every alternating week.

I understand this is normal for all Terrace and surrounding areas. This recycle pickup I have never used, as all the items for recycle I have found a use for. I have already paid for this material as part of purchasing a product, so paying someone to dispose of items I make use of makes no sense to me.

I understand how busy life is, and re-using these items is not for everyone, yet I am charged for the service?

Currently going over my curbside collection bill, I have conservatively estimated that I pay $15.89 per garbage bag based on a three-week period, this calculation is without recycling charges.

I will be talking with the regional directors as a delegation-of-one on Dec. 16. As I understand the municipal guidelines now, only a property declared as uninhabited is given a cost discount for that period of time, ( lake summer cabins, for example). Also, if a residence generates more garbage than their two-week allotment, additional tags for garbage can be purchased at additional cost.

I do not expect any resolve from my presentation on Dec. 16, however a pay-as-you-use really needs to be implemented. The Thornhill transfer is between Terrace and Jackpine and managing my own garbage would be the least cost to me — I could drop it off on the way to town.

I hope others in the area have a chance to read this as I know I am not the only one struggling.

Thomas Reitzel,

Jackpine Flats, B.C.


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