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Public kept in the dark by regional district

RDKS should be transparent if they want people to vote, says letter writer
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To the editor,

I spoke with the regional district for an explanation of why folks at home couldn’t observe the bylaw meeting about Kozier Road on Feb. 1. Only people “linked-in” could attend the meeting virtually.

Still, 68 people attended in person. I expect the room might not have accommodated many more than that.

From one side, RDKS Area C is asking staff to conduct a six-month study using a survey to find out why so few people voted Oct. 15. Maybe it’s because they have so little information about what the RDKS is “working” on.

If it’s a matter of cost, I’d prefer to have all board meetings and bylaw hearings to be audio-taped and made available to the public rather than a shiny $75 recycling can.

Claudette Sandecki,

Thornhill, B.C.


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