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Outraged at theft from deceased man

Your behavior is so contemptible and egregious; it defies description.

Dear Sir:

This is an open letter to the low life forms who robbed our friend and valued neighbor of over forty years.   Your behavior is so contemptible and egregious; it defies description.

Being the cowards and thieves you are doesn't allow us to share thoughts with you in person.  We want you to know our neighbor and the effects of your actions.

George was an honourable, hardworking man who treated everyone with kindness, integrity and compassion.

Over the years George has dropped everything to look for lost pets, and stray children or any other problem he was aware of.  He always had a smile and kind word to share with everyone.

George and Emily  raised their children to be active,  honest, contributing members of this community. Your actions have made a tragic situation far worse for his family.  They  will always have doubts and anger about his last moments of life.

We want you to know that these healthier, younger neighbours and friends of George would welcome the opportunity of meeting you. Finally, we would like to appeal to anyone with a conscience (your kind doesn't beget loyalty) to come forward with any information and right this terrible wrong.

Tom and Deborah Dimitrov,

Terrace, BC