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LETTER: Terrace resident endorses seniors corner at Skeena Mall

Sharon Fisher supports the seniors corner at Skeena Mall, noting its importance as a gathering space
Members of the Skeena Valley Seniors Society actively advocate for senior citizens in Terrace. They are seen here promoting the cause of the elderly at the popular seniors corner in the Skeena Mall. (Skeena Valley Seniors Society photo)

To the editor:

I agree with Donna Snow’s July 13th letter to the editor in The Terrace Standard about the seniors corner at the Skeena Mall.

A lot of people can have a coffee and pastry while waiting for the Handydart. They can do a puzzle, play cards or just visit.

Some of the people are from out of town and it”s a place for them to go and visit while waiting for their ride or just relax and visit.

It’s the perfect place. A lot of those people do not get to shop around for some of the items they have there. They have cookbooks and other books also.

It’s a very good place. I have seen a lot of people come and go from there.

Sharon Fisher,

Terrace, B.C.