A member of the regional district says finding a solution to garbage dumping is harder than many expect.

Letter: Garbage dumping in northern B.C. a problem

A member of the regional district says finding a solution to the problem is harder than many expect.

Dear Sir:

As the director for Area D on the board of the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine, I listen to many presentations made to the board.

A concerned citizen at our last meeting brought up a number of topics, not all of which are under our jurisdiction.

But there was one item that attracted my attention more than the rest – people dumping their garbage on side roads around the area. Stoves and washing machines were some of the larger items as well as bags of household garbage.

These are dumped by people who have no respect for not only residents but the environment.

There have been attempts in the past to find information from bags of household garbage as to an identity but then you enter a different legal scenario. These people have been a problem for many years and seem to continue to be so. They are too lazy to take their garbage to a landfill or, soon, transfer stations.

People are asking for a solution and one offered is for the regional district to collect this garbage. But at whose expense?

Should the regional district hire a person and dedicate a vehicle for this purpose? Again, at whose expense? The property taxpayers, that’s who. It’s been suggested we install video cameras at some of the favourite dump sites. But at whose expense? And people will just move to another site.

There are provincial laws regarding littering and reporting a polluter but enforcing them with evidence that would stand up in court is another thing. Everyone needs to educate those they know who litter to instead act responsibly for their community.

Dave Brocklebank,

Telegraph Creek, B.C.