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LETTER: Applauding André Carrel insights on Cuban healthcare

Examining Cuba’s medical model as a beacon for Canadian healthcare reform
Dr. Warren Bell reflects on Cubas healthcare successes and advocates for policy-driven solutions to Canadas primary care challenges. (Daniel Sone/National Cancer Institute, via Unsplash)

To the editor:

Please congratulate André Carrel on his piece “Why can’t we produce doctors like Cuba?” in The Terrace Standard on July 23, 2023.

As a family physician with lengthy clinical experience — and some knowledge of Cuban medicine, as well as our own — I heartily agree that the former country has done wonders to create a very effective health care system, imbued with a far stronger sense of altruistic mission than our own in Canada.

His pinpointing the need for policy action, not money-related decisions, is central to Cuba’s success, as well as to Canada’s primary care “crisis,” which is a form of failure.

Dr. Warren Bell,

Salmon Arm, B.C.