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Less drama and more solutions to homelessness

We have to work together on these social issues, says letter writer
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To the editor,

The Sept. 26 City of Terrace council meeting must have been quite something. Too bad it was more dramatic than constructive!

So here we go: once again, an organization attempts to do something proactive in order to address some of the issues around homelessness and its attendant nightmares in this “fair city,” and once again some of the citizenry come out of the woodwork with their petitions and manufactured dramatics in efforts to stifle this proactivity.

Seems everybody wants a solution, as long as they don’t have to see it and it’s not in their neighbourhood.

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True to form, council will soon back-peddle fast as it can if all possible so as to avoid disrupting the status-quo for the powers-that-be (whomever they are).

Thwarted efforts, coupled with city council’s eternal foot-dragging around the issues, and is it any wonder people get frustrated?

Though silly commentary likening people to bears doesn’t help a whit either.

It’s easy to condemn the efforts of others when one does nothing themselves.

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The fact is, with the rising cost of living, things may well get worse before they get better which may mean even more individuals forced to live on the streets.

We have to work together on these social issues, people: the same as people did years ago when all the hype about “Hockeyville” happened.

We can do it.

After all, isn’t it better that Terrace is known for its compassion toward its citizens than for its new hospital, murals and plastic Kermode bears?

Rob Baker,

Terrace area, B.C.


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