Heartbroken at locked Terrace cemetery gate

People should be able to drive cars to gravesites of loved ones

Dear Sir:

I am heartbroken that the city has locked the vehicle gate  to our cemetery. My father is buried at the crematorium, and my mother visits with fresh flowers on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. She is 85 years.

She should be able to drive her car, or someone should be able to drive her, right up to my Dad’s stone, if necessary. Any time of year, any time of day, or night. One winter we all went up there together as a family and we had to climb through snow to our underpants because it had not been cleared. That’s fine for young people. It is absolutely not OK for our elders who take comfort in visits with their loved ones. And now the gate is locked?

It’s the city’s job, within reason, to accommodate the sizes and shapes of the graves residents pay for.

If you cannot ‘drive’ on your ride ’em mower around a plot, show your respect for the dead by trimming it some other way. This is all very sad.

Marianne Brorup Weston, Terrace, BC