He won’t renew Chamber of Commerce membership

Fallout from chamber's criticism of city's Enbridge opposition continues

Dear Sir:

Moving toxic bitumen crude across north central BC, and through Canada’s pristine northwest coast is a bad idea on so many levels.

Primarily it is potentially deadly for the local economy that counts on the current fragile ecological balance to be viable.

Recognizing this and having the courage to state that it is a bad idea shows insight, foresight and honesty – three things that are essential for good business in any arena.

To take the position that we need to accept all business plans, good or bad, ethical or unethical, to get any is pathetic, weak and desperate not to mention displaying a complete lack of integrity.

This is not how we do business here in Terrace, BC!

The City of Terrace has shown backbone, character and real leadership in the face of corporate bullying and scare tactics and has shown that it understands the real economy of our town and region.

It’s too bad that the Terrace and District Chamber of Commerce feels it cannot support a position that displays the kind of business principles and practices that I think myself and most of my fellow business owners here in Terrace would identify with.

I will not be renewing my membership in the Terrace and District Chamber of Commerce this year, a membership that I have had since I bought my business eight years ago. They do not speak for me!

Bruce Martindale,

Terrace, BC

Editor’s note: Bruce Martindale was a member of Terrace city council from 2008 to 2011. He ran unsuccessfully against incumbent mayor Dave Pernarowski in the 2011 municipal election.