Good on you all for your help

Some good samaritans stop to help a hurt man in Terrace.

Dear Sir:

I was riding my bicycle home on a wet day on Oct. 23, 2011 when I went off the sidewalk into some wet grass. I fell to the ground, hitting my head on the sidewalk and hurting my back. A car stopped and two young girls (Lindsay Reneerkens and Kayla Powers) asked me if I was OK. As they were helping me another car stopped and a man and two boys (Murray, Patrick and Nicholas Hamer) came to help.

They wanted to call an ambulance but I assured them I was fine and I could carry on riding my bike. Murray suggested he would give me a ride home and Kayla and Lindsay said they would bring my bike in their car. I am very pleased these folks stopped to help me out as it turns out I did hurt myself and saw a doctor the next day.

I would like to do something in return for the kindness and respect shown by Lindsay, Kayla, Patrick, Nicholas and Murray, which is why I wrote this letter as a way of saying thank you and I do appreciate your assistance in my time of need.

There were two others who stopped as well, a lady who said she knew first aid and a man from the Superstore came over to ask if I was OK. This letter applies to them as well.


Mike Fennell, Terrace, B.C.