God is our conception

Without physical evidence, all phenomena remain hypothetical...

Dear Sir:

Dr. John Krisinger’s Dec. 23, 2015 letter to the editor asserts the existence of a God through authorities capable enough, but they all work from an unsustainable paradigm.

Without physical evidence, all phenomena remain hypothetical.  For example, love is hypothetical and more emotional than another, justice.  Inferences, they lack innate description and have only our definition.

God is such: our conception, even if our most profound.  Such metaphysical conceptions complement the physical to create reality.  In either case, we invent, by our mind and by our senses.

To help conceive of how we made God, see the recent paradigm-shifting book by French Biblical scholar Dr. Thomas Romer, “The Invention of God” (2014; English trans. 2015).  How we justify the invention determines our ethics.

To insist that we did not make God, and that we continue that making, evokes the mission to the pagans.

By the way, the headline on my letter to which Dr. Krisinger refers in his response was invented by the editor.

Dr. David Heinimann

Terrace, B.C.