Elementary band under threat

Here's one way to avoid cutting elementary band in Terrace and Thornhill.

Dear Sir:

Re: Elementary band is on the chopping block, The Terrace Standard, Nov. 16, 2911.

It’s interesting that chopping band for sixth graders never came up during the decision-making process for shifting 7th graders to Skeena and closing Thornhill Elementary.

What happened to all the money we’re supposed to be saving through this process?

For that matter, how can we afford that cushy new non-teaching position over in the school district office, but we can no longer afford sixth grade band?

Mr. Speidel says it’s no big deal to cut sixth grade band; it’s only a “year’s difference.”

Tell you what, Mr. Speidel – why don’t you take a year off, and we’ll use the savings to keep sixth grade band in 2012.

After all, it’s just a year’s difference.

Jennifer Feddersen,

Terrace, BC