Doubtful of mergers

Merging parties and proportional representation are bad ideas

Dear Sir:

Re: The April 10 editorial “Cullen’s idea.”

It was a total surprise when Vancouver-Quadra Liberal MP Joyce Murray, who placed second in the Liberal leadership race, rose up to say the Liberals should merge with the NDP and the Green party.

Especially since the NDP seem to have everything securely in the bag.

Nationally, if all three parties should merge, would Joyce Murray lead the Coalition Party or the now MP for Skeena?

It is my opinion Stephen Harper will win the next election as the people want their votes secure.

The people want their votes to go to the candidate of their choice and the idea of a coalition at this time is anti-democratic and will rob people of a choice in an actual election. The idea is a bad one.

Justin Trudeau is now the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. He is young and grew up with politicians who were great leaders of this country. I do not agree with proportional representation. That takes away how the people voted, another idea that is floating around.

Mary Dalen, Cedarvale, B.C.