Dog spotted digging at the cemetery

Writer doesn't think humans responsible for holes at Terrace, BC graveyard

Dear Sir:

I was going to visit the graveside of my husband Cornelis Braam on Easter Sunday and it was still covered in snow.

But close by was a place where the snow was removed, a fresh grave. A dog was digging deep holes so deep I could not see his head.

Flowers were pushed away and two deep holes were close together with a space in between.

No one else was there.

I was scared and stayed in the car and watched.

Then I drove a little farther to my relatives’ graveside. Show there also.

I was just sitting in my car, trying to decide what to do, report it or not. So I turned back and the dog was gone.

I should have reported it but did not because there was no dog anymore. I did see a few more places dug up.

One week later, the large gate was locked and a big sign was up.

And I do fully agree with Arlene Ridler and hope the city will make different arrangements so we can visit our loved ones’ gravesides again without too much trouble.

The vandals of grave digging were not people, but a dog. I have seen it.

They can come in there through the back of the cemetery or wherever else.

Jane Braam, Terrace, BC