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Do you not care about the sacrifices of our war dead?

Remembrance Day ceremony should be at the cenotaph, says letter writer
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To the editor,

I arrived at the Terrace Cenotaph at quarter to 11 a.m. on Remembrance Day this year (2022), and I was not the only one. I would estimate that between 50 and 100 people were also waiting at that intersection, as well. We were all on-time for the annual Remembrance Day ceremony.

As is a long-held tradition in Canada, the two minutes of silence is supposed to take place AT 11am, AT the Cenotaph.

There is supposed to be a ceremony on either side of that moment of silence, which is also supposed to be at the Cenotaph, including bagpipe and bugle tunes, prayers, renditions of O Canada, In Flanders Fields, and God Save the King, and the laying of wreathes.

That’s what happened last year in Terrace, in 2021, even despite the whole COVID situation! Last year was a good, traditional, punctual ceremony!

What happened this year?

11 a.m. came and went. Traffic was not stopped at the intersection, despite the crowd gathered at the Cenotaph.

There was finally one single police officer with vehicle, and he didn’t show up until maybe 11:15.

As is my tradition, I stood in silence, showing my proper respect for Canada’s Fallen at 11 am at the cenotaph, as I was taught to do. I waited around with everyone else, but finally, when when there still had not been a parade by 20 past 11:00, I left in frustration. The Honour Guard was just showing up as I was walking away.

I understand that it can be cold, snowy, and/or wet on Remembrance Day in Terrace, BUT compared to the suffering that all of our war veterans and war dead experienced, getting a little cold and wet is nothing.

Should we Terrace, BC residents not be prepared for and used to this sort of wintery weather?

It is, in my opinion, perhaps appropriate that we too should have to experience some small amount of suffering on Remembrance Day, as we pay our respects to those who sacrificed so much for us.

For Terrace to forego tradition, and hold the actual 11 a.m. ceremony not at the proper location (the Cenotaph), but inside of a movie theatre instead shows disrespectful and tastelessness.

As a Terrace resident, whose late grandfather served in the Canadian Army during the Second World War and served in the Army for nearly 30 years, I am NOT pleased. He would be rolling in his grave!

I would also like to quickly mention all of the folks I witnessed out and about, NOT engaged in celebrating Remembrance Day, going about their regular business as if it was just another day.

Do you not care about the sacrifices of our war dead?

However, to all of those residents who were at the Cenotaph at the proper time on Remembrance Day, good on you and thank you. Lest we forget, and God Save the King.

Roy Tombstone,

Terrace, B.C.


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