Children at risk on rural roads

Too many speeding vehicles on Jackpine Flats near Terrace

Dear Sir:

Jackpine Flats is a great place to drive for  lots of reasons. If you live there – it’s because it’s home.

If you don’t, it’s straight, long, flat pavement, quiet, no cops, no scales, no Department of Transport.

Plus it’s a beautiful scenic drive.

Residents of Jackpine honour the speed limits. It seems the only non-residents of Jackpine who respect the signs are motorcyclists who love the ride and scenery on a nice day.

Logging trucks, dump trucks, transport trucks, container trucks, and other work vehicles speed through Jackpine like it’s a freeway. This is a residential neighbourhood –  60 km/h tops.

In the last few years, most of the kids have grown up and moved on, so there haven’t been many children out on the streets. But now the neighborhood has a new generation of kids coming up. These little ones are playing in their yards, learning to ride bikes, and running around the neighborhood visiting each other.

Nothing makes me sicker than to hear the sounds of kids laughing and playing and then see a loaded logging truck or a transport truck fly by so fast the trees bend over.

That’s all I have to say. If your work takes you through Jackpine Flats, you know who you are. And if you drive fast, you’re an ass.

The RCMP needs to spend a little more time out here. As work activity picks up, so does the traffic.  And it moves faster.

Cindy Brown,

Terrace, B.C.