Spice of Life

Spice of Life

Be at the ready for whatever comes our way

Brenda muses about the change in the weather

I always thought is was kind of a Canadian thing. Talking about the weather.

Winter and summer weather is in my mind. First thing when I look at the computer it is the weather I am interested to see. I know it is not all that accurate but I just want an idea what we are going to endure.

Maybe tonight I should just go with George Carlin. ‘’Weather forecast for tonight: Dark!‘’

I do take notice if the report says snowfall warning or wind warning — or both. It would mean a shovel at the ready, dog protected from the wind , car plugged in and the waiting begins.

If very cold temperatures are in the forecast I have to make sure the water keeps running, the crawl space heat is on and water is ready for those just in case times.

Mind you, those of us who use wood heat can manage for most things. I can cook on the stove, I can heat water and, of course, I have heat.

Someone said: “The threat from extreme weather events highlights the importance of investing in preparedness.”

Having said that, I think about the folks in Texas and all the troubles they are facing. Freezing pipes, no water, no heat, and no electricity .

I wonder when the cold and snow ends for them if residents will make sure they have fresh water at the ready. Food of some sort they can cook if they have the ability.

Dried fruit, juice or soup to heat. Having dog and cat food for just in case. This is only if you have a dog or cat.

I say all this knowing the fact that I am OK with severe weather is because I have clearer minds than mine working to make sure I am OK.

Depending on your outlook on life remember these words: “A pessimist will complain about the wind, a optimist will expect it to change, the realist will adjust the sails.” – William Ward.

This is a calm day in our world. Above freezing and the sun did shine. Rain and a warmer spell is expected. That weather report can have its own set of issues.

Plan ahead and be at the ready for whatever comes our way.