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All faiths are equal

Don’t ban Christ’s message of peace, hope and inclusion, says letter writer
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To the editor,

As a hopelessly lapsed Catholic and a believer that all faiths are equal I am deeply saddened that staff (not council) at the City of Terrace were able to invoke a non-sectarian rule and banish the sweet nativity from gracing our city hall.

The message of the birth of Christ is a universal one of peace, hope and inclusion, echoed in numerous religions and spiritual practises, as well as the return of the light in Pagan faiths.

I believe there is room throughout the year for all faith and non-sectarian groups to display their symbols at city hall. Exclusivity has no place in our community.

If the recent poll is any indication it is tiny minority who are dictating to the majority, in the case of our nativity scene. Very sad.

Marianne Brørup Weston,

Thornhill, B.C.


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