Unattended item on stove ignites fire in Terrace, BC

An Easter weekend stove top fire burned enough of a kitchen that a family couldn't move back in.

An Easter weekend stovetop fire burned enough of a kitchen that a family couldn’t move back into their apartment.

Occupants in one unit in the Bill Young Manor on the corner of Park Ave. and Clinton St. did get out safely, said Terrace fire chief John Klie April 7 about the April 4 early morning fire.

The fire started when an item was left unattended on the stove, he said.

“The Gyproc did its job and contained the fire to that area,” said Klie, adding there was heat damage and smoke damage throughout the apartment.

“There were alarms and residents were notified quite early [about the fire] and that makes a huge difference.”

Cupboards above the stove caught on fire but firefighters contained the flames to the kitchen, he added.

Everyone was evacuated, no one was hurt and everyone, except the occupants of that particular apartment, were able to return to their places, he added.

Emergency Support Services put the family up for three days, said Klie.

The kitchen has to be renovated first before the family could move back in, he added.

There was insurance on the building but not on the contents, he said.