Thornhill trustee takes seat on the board

Newly elected Sandy Watson was officially sworn in today, Jan. 27, and took her seat on the Coast Mountains School District board.

New Thornhill trustee Sandy Watson takes her oaths of office at the Coast Mountains School District today

Newly-elected school trustee Sandy Watson officially took her seat today, Jan. 27, on the board of the Coast Mountains School District.

Secretary treasurer Alanna Cameron led Watson through her oaths of office at a brief ceremony, attended by close to 20 people including Watson’s husband Wally Faetz and children Olivia and Owen Faetz.

With her oaths of office Watson committed to work for the well-being of every student, cooperate with fellow trustees and base decisions on the facts of situations without sway of bias, declaring conflicts of interest when necessary.

The ceremony was followed by a light lunch before the board went into meetings this afternoon.

Watson was voted in Jan. 9 to represent the residents in Thornhill and the surrounding area. She and her family live in Thornhill and her two children attend the Thornhill schools.

After being voted in, Watson said she would continue involvement in Parent Advisory Councils, and her top goal is to involve more parents in their children’s education because “the more active the parent is, the higher the success rate that kid is going to have.”