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Thornhill sign campaign gathers traction

Regional district backs idea; sends letter to transportation ministry
Campaign underway to add Thornhill to highways ministry signs. (File photo)

The Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine has officially joined the campaign to have Thornhill recognized on provincial highway information signs.

A motion passed at the Aug. 19 regional district meeting asks the transportation and infrastructure ministry to include the rural community on destination and distance signs and to replace “Now entering the Unincorporated District of Thornhill” signs that were removed years ago.

Thornhill resident Martin Holzbauer, who appeared as a delegation requesting the motion, said he had been prompted to do so after being told by the transportation ministry that any request for Thornhill inclusion on signs should first come from a local government.

“But I should add that Bob [Erb] did most of the work,” said Holzbauer of Erb, who has been a consistent advocate for including Thornhill on mileage signs.

Erb has pointed out that almost every other unincorporated community along Hwy 16 and then south into the Cariboo is included on highway ministry mileage signs.

He also began a petition, copies of which have been submitted to the regional district.

The motion was moved by Jeff Hammond, the regional district director for Area E which takes in Thornhill, and Bruce Bidgood, the regional district director for Area C which takes in the rural area surrounding Terrace and extends south past Lakelse Lake.

Speaking after the meeting, Erb said he was happy the motion was passed and will now be sent to the provincial transportation ministry for consideration.

He’ll now shift his attention to the third kind of sign erected at the entrances to communities — those large blue ones describing the various amenities that are available.

“These are the real important ones,” said Erb.

Thornhill, he said, has many services for motorists and so deserves signs describing what is offered.

The transportation and infrastructure ministry, which would be responsible for any sign changes, says it would be “pleased to discuss the matter with the regional district.”

And, the ministry adds, it is looking forward to receiving the letter containing the regional district’s motion.

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