Terrace airport continues to post healthy passenger numbers

Passenger totals exceed predictions for entire calendar year

A STRETCH of foggy weather last month didn’t prevent the Northwest Regional Airport from continuing to post record passenger totals.

The passenger figure for October was 16,831, a two per cent increase over September and a 28 per cent increase over October 2012’s 13,086 total, reports airport manager Carman Hendry.

For the calendar year to the end of October the passenger total stands at 143,000, just shy of the airport’s predictions for the entire year.

Hendry also noted that the 21 flights canceled during a sustained period of foggy weather in October almost equalled the annual average going back to 2003, the year the airport installed a new instrument landing system.

Last year we had 22 flights canceled,” he said.

Hendry did add that not all of October’s cancellations came about because of conditions here – some flights were canceled at their points of origin.

It was just a bad time for weather everywhere,” he said.

A continuing improving economic picture in the region has been adding to passenger totals at the airport for the past several years.

And Hendry said this October’s figures also reflect the two airlines now servicing the Terrace-Vancouver run, Hawkair and Air Canada Jazz/Express, having more daily flights than last year.