Skiers promote mountain buy-in

  • Apr. 8, 2011 1:00 p.m.
CAMBRIA Gordon employees show off their 'I'm Buyin'' signs

CAMBRIA Gordon employees show off their 'I'm Buyin'' signs

The non-profit group that wants to buy the Shames Mountain Ski Corporation and turn it into a co-operative is hoping local businesses and residents will dig up their Hockeyville 2009 community enthusiasm.

My Mountain Co-op is pushing an “I’m buying My Mountain because….” campaign that mirrors Hockeyville’s “What’s your Number?” campaign, which generated excitement and successfully brought in nearly 2 million votes for the title.

The gist of it is: ‘I’m buying My Mountain because….’ and then everyone can add their own tag line to that,” said Jon Hopper, a My Mountain Co-op director.

We’re just sort of rolling out the push to the business community now,” he said, adding that signage saying “I’m Buyin’” can go up in windows and storefronts to show that local businesses are supporting the idea.

It’s just sort of a new aspect to the campaign.”

The campaign began with an idea of local businessman and city councillor Bruce Martindale who commissioned its artwork.

While the campaign is targeted towards businesses, residents can buy in as well.

The co-op, initiated by a local group of individuals called the Friends of Shames, is attempting to raise $2 million by April 30 to buy the ski corporation from the current owners.

This money would take care of the $1.3 million purchase price, along with money needed for repairs and anticipated equipment replacement.

The official launch of My Mountain Co-op was Feb. 19, and around $145,000 has been raised so far. The Friends have approached local city councils and businesses for support.

The money gathered is being put in a trust under the Co-op’s name, and will be returned to individuals and businesses if the plan falls through.