Police close bomb threat file without any arrests

A fall bomb threat at NWCC in Terrace, B.C. has been identified, but no arrests have been made

TERRACE RCMP say they have identified the origin of a bomb threat emailed to Northwest Community College last fall but did not have enough grounds for an arrest so the case has been closed.

“Police were able to identify that the threats were sent from a specific location at the college,” said Terrace RCMP media relations officer Const. Angela Rabut last week.

“A warrant was used ordering Microsoft Corporation to produce internet records from the origin of the threat. A suspect was identified and interviewed. There were not enough grounds to make an arrest at the time.”

On October 2, 2012, someone emailed a bomb threat to Northwest Community College, which led to the college being evacuated for the day.

A bomb sniffing dog was called in and searched the buildings and residences but didn’t find anything.

The threat was sent from a private computer using a public router that was located in one of the college dorms.

The computer may even have been located outside the building, said Rabut.

The college subsequently received a second threat on Nov. 22 and a third on Nov. 26 but they were not considered as severe as the first and the college was not closed.

Rabut said last week that the same suspect may have made the two threats too.

“At this time, the same suspect is believed to be responsible for the other threats as well. This file is concluded until more information is received and followed up on,” she said.

“Police continue to work with the college to prevent future threats and use available internet logging technology to better identify the origin of threats in the future,” Rabut said.

And the college did hire an extra security guard after the second and third threats were received.