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PODCAST: Darren Lee was named the ‘Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist’

TODAY IN B.C.: Performed in long running shows in Las Vegas and Maui

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Host Peter McCully chats with Darren Lee of Langley who has won numerous awards for his tribute performances, including the “Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist” award at the prestigious Elvis Presley Enterprises competition in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lee had a successful run in Las Vegas performing nine shows a week for 11 years as a star in the American Superstars Show, as well as a show in Maui for 4 years.

McCully asked Lee about his resemblance to Elvis, and asked if he gets strange looks now and again when out at the grocery store.

‘I have a normal job where I drive a truck for a restaurant supply company. If a restaurant needs a stove or an oven or napkins or dishes or whatever, I deliver it. There are days where I will have a show that night, and so I’ll go to work fully on - hair and makeup and everything and it’s, Hey it’s Elvis! Another day they’ll see me with a hat on my head, not shaving for a week. And then it’s, Oh my God, it’s Elvis! It goes with the territory and it’s cool.’

Lee’s tribute to Elvis is a celebration of the music and legacy of one of the greatest entertainers of all time. His attention to detail is impeccable, from his signature jumpsuits to his trademark hip-shaking dance moves.

Lee’s fans rave about his energy and charisma on stage.

Robin Lee, Darren’s brother is also an Elvis tribute artist.

‘He was left-handed when he was born, but my mother turned him right-handed. When he dances, it’s the complete opposite of me. So, we’ve done a lot of shows that we call the Presley’s. It’s the two of us doing the show. We don’t say you are Jesse and I’m Elvis, but it was basically, what if Elvis’s twin brother hadn’t died at birth, would there have been two of them?’

You will find a listing of Lee’s upcoming B.C. performances here.

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