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PODCAST: Authors Kate Gateley and Rob Wipond discuss their new books

MADE IN B.C. BOOK CLUB: “Tides of the Sovereign’ and ‘Your Consent is not Required’.

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On this edition of ‘Today in BC’, host Peter McCully chats with two authors, Kate Gateley and Rob Wipond, about their first literary efforts on the first edition of the ‘Made in BC Book Club’.

In the first segment of ‘Today in BC’, Kate Gateley who won top prize at the Canadian Book Club Awards in the sci-fi fantasy genre for ‘Tides of the Sovereign’, the first book in a trilogy.

‘Julia, the main character, she’s in her thirties, she’s found herself in university. She’s not super satisfied. Very similar to my own experience. Not sure what to do with herself and feeling like she was on the wrong path, she’s taking a course and this professor comes along Donal O’Brien, and he’s like strangely familiar, and she can’t figure out why. Long story short, they’ve shared past lives together, so they have been living through reincarnation and prophecy-based curses to defeat the big bad Cassius. So, she goes one life to the next and she has to make some pretty big choices’, Gately says.

Rob Wipond is an investigative journalist. His articles have been nominated for 17 magazine and journalism awards. He talks abouts his new book ‘Your consent is not required, the Rise in Psychiatric Detentions, Forced Treatment and Abusive Guardianship’, and what was the motivation behind writing it.

‘I got very interested in it because it happened to my father. He reached out at a difficult period in his life for help at a local psychiatric hospital in Kelowna and was fairly rapidly turned into an involuntary patient and treated against his will. I was quite aghast that here a person with no mental health history of any kind, a career college professor of computer engineering, could suddenly be a certified mental patient, supposedly lacking insight and needing to be forcibly treated. I was just aghast and immediately started to wonder who else is this happening to and what’s their story’, says Wipond.

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