Northwest BC class sizes smaller than average

The situation applies to all grades in Coast Mountains School District

Class sizes in the Coast Mountains School District (CMSD) are smaller than the provincial average, according to numbers released by the provincial education ministry late last year.

As of October 2013, the average kindergarten class in the CMSD had 18.2 students, compared to an average of 19.3 provincially. Classes range from 13 to 22 students in the 11 schools with kindergarteners in the district.

In the 11 Grade 1 – Grade 3 classes in the district, there were on average 20.5 students, with class sizes ranging from 13 students to 24 students. The provincial average sits at 21.5.

Grade 4 – 7 saw a similar trend, with 24.7 average students per class in the CMSD, below the provincial average of 25.7. Class sizes for the most part run between 17 and 30 students per class, but there are classes with 12 students, 32 students, and 37 students. Typically, class sizes are not allowed to be more than 30 students – but there are exceptions which came in with Bill 22 at the end of the summer.

High school classes in the CMSD were also smaller, with 21.7 students on average compared to 23 students per class provincially.