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New washroom unit installed at George Little Park

Located much closer to splash park, playground
That’s City of Terrace parks and recreation facilities manager Monty Gill on the left at the new washroom building being installed at George Little Park. In the middle is Reanna Fyley from building provider Parkworks and on the right isTara Irwin, the city’s parks, recreation and culture director. (Staff photo)

A new washroom building for George Little Park, unloaded this morning and waiting to be connected to power, water and sewer, could be open and ready for use within days.

The two-unit modular building is much closer to the playground and splash park area, meaning that people will no longer need to walk across the park to an existing washroom located where the parking lot meets Davis Ave.

Each of the units contains a baby-changing table and each is regarded as unisex, explained city parks, recreation and culture director Tara Irwin.

Although the washroom building is insulated and will be heated, how many days a year they will be open will depend upon staffing, she added.

“If we don’t have the staff to check on them, they won’t be open,” Irwin said of recreation, parks and culture employees.

As well, seeing that the units are used properly when they are open is also being added to the ‘to do’ list of the city’s security officers.

The building and associated works as well as transportation to Terrace cost $395,000, all of which came in the form of grants from the Terrace Community Forest and the federal Pacific Economic Development Canada agency (through the Canada Community Revitalization Fund).

With the building now in place, a crew was busy at the location today pouring concrete for a hard-surface pathway for a direct access from the splash park.

In addition to the two washrooms, there’s a drinking fountain complete with water bottle filler on one outside wall.

The existing washrooms at the parking lot corner with Davis Ave. will remain in use.

The new units come from a company called Parkworks and the style is called Urben Blu.

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