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Lights, camera, and curling action at Terrace bonspiel

The silver-screen themed Valentines event brought out the local stars of curling
Winners of the A event, from left to right: Jody Kucharyshen, Rebecca Kucharyshen, Joan Kucharyshen, and Cindy Motschilnig, Feb. 10, 2023. (Photo courtesy of Heather Avison)

The stars were out at the Terrace curling rink on Feb. 10 to Feb. 12.

The 66th Annual Ladies Valentines Bonspiel brought out 18 teams to compete, and the theme of the tournament was “at the movies.” The event included a banquet for all the teams, and prizes donated by local businesses for the winners.

Heather Avison, a former Terrace chief administrative officer and participant of the bonspiel, spoke highly of the event.

“It went really well,” said Avison. “We had 18 teams, which is pretty good for right now. And we pulled in a few teams from out of town.”

“The community really rallies around us, and there’s lots of prize donations so everybody that wins, right up to third and fourth place, gets a prize.”

The longstanding bonspiel tradition began in 1956, and only missed one year due to COVID-19. Bonspiels such as this one are sorted into A, B, and C events.

This years winning team in the A event was Team Kucharyshen, which consisted of Cindy Motschilnig, Joan Kucharyshen, and Joan’s two daughters Rebecca and Jody Kucharyshen.

The B event winning team was Team Simpson, which included Kathie Simpson, Heather Avison, Sonya Gill, and Liz Smaha.

The C event was won by Team Copeland, which included Hannah Copeland, Kallie Edwards, Laura Billson, and Meghan Bowles.

“Kathy Simpson was the bonspiel chairperson,” said Avison. “So she organized, and did a wonderful job.”

“We’re so grateful for the sponsors in the community, both for those that sponsored the A B and C events, and for businesses in the community that supported our prize table.”

Terrace Curling will be hosting a men’s event called the Loggers Bonspiel from March 24 to March 26.

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