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It's about service, says city candidate

FOR ONE city councillor incumbent, serving others is what brings her fulfillment.
LYNNE Christiansen

FOR ONE city councillor incumbent who has sat on council since 1999 and who is seeking her fifth term, serving others is what brings her fulfillment.

I like to serve my community,” said Lynne Christiansen, a social worker at the Seven Sisters mental health residence. “I find it very, very rewarding.”

She said its been a privilege to learn all she has about Terrace during her time on council not only in chambers but by diving into various city issues through committees.

Coming up, Christiansen said she sees bridging regional gaps and making partnerships to develop a stronger voice for the northwest is a big focus for her. .

We need to work together on what we can do as a region here,” she said.

She also would like to bring ideas about local agriculture to council should she be reelected.

The farmers market is really close to my heart,” she said. “I really have a belief in our agricultural ability.”

A lover and supporter of the arts, she would like to see a museum, artists co-op and gift shop share a space and work with each other to create a cultural hub in Terrace.

Christiansen says the city will get busier as large scale industrial developments get underway.

There's work to be done to be prepared for that,” she said, noting housing and transportation as only a couple of issues that will need to be addressed.

Christiansen said the basic efficiency of the city is important.

I lean more on the penny pincher side...conscious of spending other people's money,” she said. “I know what it is like to struggle financially so I think I draw from that.”

With that said, when it comes to services or recreations important to the people in a city, Christiansen said there are ways to go about getting and or supporting them.

You cans still lobby for your community,” she said.

My idea is that a council should be very diverse so you have all these little microcosms of the community,” she said. “And if you've got a diverse council that can work together, then you've got a real gem.”





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