Gitxsan sign deal on agreement with BC Hydro

Gitxsan Development Corp and Skii km Lax Ha Nation sign deal to facilitate agreement with BC Hydro

  • Jul. 16, 2012 10:00 a.m.

Gitxsan Development Corporation (GDC) and the Skii km Lax Ha Nation are pleased to announce the signing of a Cooperation Agreement to negotiate a deal with BC Hydro relative to the Northwest Transmission Line (NTL).

While approximately 120 km of the line traverses Ski km Lax Ha Nation’s traditional territory, GDC will negotiate with BC Hydro for work on a 41 km section of the line.

As early as next month approximately 25 Gitxsan will begin work on the project.

“On behalf of the Skii km Lax Ha Nation and Tsetsaut Ventures Ltd., I am very pleased to see 25 local people go to work,” said Darlene Simpson, Chief Negotiator for the Skii km Lax Ha Nation.

“It is especially important on a project that holds such potential for encouraging future economic opportunities for the region – I am delighted that GDC is taking the lead on this opportunity which is now becoming reality.”

“Up to 25 new positions in harvesting, clearing, environmental monitoring, administration, and catering will be created – during and beyond completion of the line we expect Gitxsan people will have employment opportunities in mining and other entrepreneurial ventures as investment flows into the region,” said Rick Connors, President and CEO.

“GDC’s role is to bring a business perspective to economic development projects on behalf of the Gitxsan and this agreement marks the beginning of a bright future for the Gitxsan people and for the region,” added Connors.

Gitxsan members interested in applying for positions may contact Andrew Davis at 250.842.5055 or visit