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Equipment breakdowns hamper city sidewalk snow clearing

One plow has broken down four times

City of Terrace workers continue to grapple with breakdowns of the public works department’s two sidewalk plows, severely hampering the ability to clear snow and lay down sand for pedestrians.

Trouble began in the immediate aftermath of the pre-Christmas heavy snowfall when both plows broke down at the same time.

One plow has now broken down four times, the latest being just this morning, reports city communications officer Tyler Clarke. Workers have spent nearly one week now waiting for parts for the other plow, he added.

“We are currently trying to get caught up on sidewalk salt/sanding, and we are out in trucks salt/sanding, along with ice blading with our grader,” said Clarke.

The pre-Christmas snowfall was the first significant one of the winter season. Clarke said there were crews out on the streets at all times, including Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

“Some were on scheduled shifts and others came in for overtime. Also, thankfully, some employees were willing to give up their holidays to work throughout the storm.”

Motorists also experienced a darkened lower portion of Lanfear Hill when street lights stopped working.

That was rectified last week by BC Hydro crews.

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