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Don’t fall for it: Fake deliveries scam making the rounds in Terrace

Fraudsters target local businesses, demand payment in Bitcoin

Police are warning local businesses to be aware and to educate employees to avoid falling victim to a fraudulent deliveries scam making the rounds in Terrace.

On Dec. 16 and 17 Terrace RCMP received two similar reports from local businesses of fraudsters impersonating the head office manager or an employee, claiming that a delivery was going to be made for the store’s business and sanitation license.

The fraudster then claimed that a certain amount of money was needed to be paid or else the store would be shut down.

A fake ‘delivery company’ then called the business to explain that the delivery must be paid for by online payment and to take their cash from the till or safe and deposit it into a Bitcoin ATM Machine into a cryptocurrency wallet that is provided.

The fraudsters were able to name business owners and other staff members to convince the victim they were legitimate.


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