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Doctors satisfied with Mills Memorial, less so with medical leaders

Few doctors say they have the equipment they need
Local doctors have mixed feelings about practising at Mills Memorial Hospital. (File photo)

A majority of local physicians say they find Mills Memorial Hospital a satisfactory place to practise medicine but few feel the governing Northern Health Authority values their contributions, indicated a 2022 survey conducted by the provincial body which represents B.C.’s doctors.

The level of satisfaction stands at 58 per cent. It’s the first time doctors have been asked for their opinions about health care and their role in providing health care in the seven years the Doctors of B.C. advocacy group has conducted a survey.

But just 25 per cent of physicians feel their contributions are valued, a drop from 40 per cent in 2021.

And only 17 per cent of physicians say senior medical leaders seek their opinions when setting goals, a drop from the already low 27 per cent of those who answered that question in 2021.

Still, 58 per cent of local physicians felt they belong to a “collaborative, patient-centered team,” an increase of three percentage points from 2021.

Just 33 per cent last year felt they had “access to the facilities, equipment and other resources I require to meet patients’ needs.” That’s a drop from 45 per cent who felt the same way in 2021.

Only 42 per cent of local physicians felt Mills deals effectively with situations that may threaten or harm employees, a decline of the 61 per cent of physicians who stated that in 2021.

The 2022 survey on Mills Memorial was completed by 12 doctors, while 20 physicians responded to the 2021 survey.

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