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Community connects through Special Olympics

Terrace Special Olympics team builds community connections through sports
Terrace RCMP and the Special Olympics soccer team at the Veritas Catholic School field. The final score was 5-3, a predictable win for the Special Olympics team. (Michael Bramadat-Willcock/Terrace Standard)

Terrace Special Olympics and the RCMP played a friendly game of soccer on June 16 at the Veritas Catholic School.

Chris Dale has been coaching Special Olympics for 20 years, he said it’s great to have the annual event back up and running after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

“I just love doing it. The people are fun to play with and coach. Everyone loves it,” Dale said.

“And of course, we always beat these guys.”

He said the season has been going well after a successful tournament in Prince Rupert.

“One of our problems is not having enough other teams to play so for the rest of the summer we’ll just come in once a week and have fun. We just love playing sports.”

Terrace RCMP Cst Kelly Cates said the event is a good way to build connections in the community and support a good cause. “I’m a fan of physical activity for adults and kids and we’re really happy to get out and play,” Cates said.

“I think it’s just a great connection. The Special Olympics team has been competing and doing really well this year and this is just another game that helps to motivate.”

Cates also predicted a win for the Special Olympics team who have been working hard on their game. “We’re gonna give it our best shot but I have a feeling they’ve got a little more practice under their belts.”

Special Olympics athlete and soccer team coach Caleb Wacholtz said he got into sports at the suggestion of his family and he just loves it.

“The season is going pretty good. We won second place in the Prince Rupert tournament,” Wacholtz said.“It’s about exercising and having fun.”

The final score was 5-3, a predictable win for the Special Olympics team.

Special Olympics is always looking for volunteers to coach and to help enrich the lives of people with disabilities, and the whole community, through the power and joy of sport.


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