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City reveals plans to mitigate inconvenience from Graham Ave. construction delays

Problems arose almost from the beginning because of spring melt
Residents along Graham Ave. on the Southside are facing an unfinished major roads project this winter. (Staff photo)

The City of Terrace says it and Progressive Ventures, its prime contractor on its extensive Graham Ave. rebuild project, are doing their best to cope with complications now that the work will not be completed as scheduled this year.

Rising groundwater from the spring melt almost from the very start of the work to replace sewer and water lines underneath the road surface began to affect deadlines, indicates a letter of explanation sent to residents by city engineering manager Travis Christianson.

“The project has also experienced delays due to new infrastructure conflicting with gas services,” he said.

Calling the work now underway “critical” in advance of winter, Christianson said Progressive Ventures has a plan in place to remove pools of water on the road surface which cannot drain away because of saturated gravel.

The company will “rework and compact oversaturated gravels and install a combination of low points and improved grading to move water off the road,” he added.

The opening of Warner Ave., at the foot of Molitor Street just before its intersection with Graham, will help with traffic flow, Christianson said. And, by alleviating congestion on Graham, more progress can be completed in a short period of time.

Progressive Ventures is also putting a priority on completing water and sewer connections before winter to avoid the sanitary overflows of past years and to reduce the amount of finishing work required when conditions improve next spring.

“Road maintenance and snow removal will occur as usual, and residents can expect to have minimal interruption during the winter months,” Christianson emphasized.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you and will continue to update surrounding residents as new information becomes available.”

The project consisting of new sewer and water lines underneath Graham from Eby to Kenney, resulting in a brand new road surface and sidewalk, was to be the city’s showcase civic works project this year.

It has already resulted in a budget increase because of rising material and labour costs.